Champion Sound (feat. Phaze Future)

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“Champion Sound” is a big tune and the first single from Uzimon’s sophomore album “Pussy Weapon”.


Music credits:


Produced and Mixed by Phil Moffa at Butcha Sound NYC
Lyrics and Vocals by Uzimon and Alex Falk a.k.a. Phaze Future
Mastered at Acme in Mamaroneck, NY
Guitar, keyboards, and percussion by Brett Tubin
Bass by Paul Defiglia
Melodica by AnnA Ozawa


Video Credits:


Produced & Directed by Jon Legere
Written & Co-Directed by Josh Barrett
Videography by Matt Burniston & Wii Yatani
Edited by Matt Burniston

2 Responses to Champion Sound (feat. Phaze Future)

  1. bradley collins says:

    unbelievable to me.

  2. Dan O'Neill says:

    My new alarm clock, start the morning right