Tomoe Matsuoka

Brooklyn, NY / Osaka, Japan

Tomoe Matsuoka is an artist, architect, and designer from Osaka, Japan.  She has an undergraduate degree in architecture from Ohio State University and a Master of Architecture degree from Cranbrook Academy of Art.  She has worked in the offices of Shuhei Endo in Japan and Koko Architecture + Design in New York City.  She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Matsuoka is currently developing a line of children’s furniture, toys and clothing as an extension to her conceptually based art and design work.  As childhood is the most imaginative developmental period, her line of products will present them with unconventional ideas about the form and function of an object.  Her designs will soon be available on Etsy and in craft fairs in the New York City area this summer.  For updates, please contact Tomoe at

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