Terence Chiesa

Walker Valley, NY

Terence Chiesa lives with the love of his life in the house he built far enough from the road close enough to the woods on the southern side of the Gunks. Not far from where the last glacier swept across a carapace of metamorphic stone composed of a quartz conglomerate. He is a published short story writer and poet and a carpenter bent toward the whimsical and contraptions of dubious utility, who believes wholeheartedly in the irrational and the corrupt ability of man, and therefore aside from minor exceptions does not trust what he is told or what he reads any more than he would trust a Bible salesman selling redemption in easy-to-meet installments.

Despite this he maintains an easy optimism which he attributes to being a child of the sixties with “alternative” still a major noun of his vocabulary, and “hope” in spite of his existential leanings still a part of his philosophy. He has spent the last dozen years of his life writing for voice (in the form of character-driven poetry and spoken word), and performs these monologues in cafes, colleges, libraries, up and down the Hudson Valley. He has had the great fortune of a loving family and extraordinary friends, and who, when asked what he possesses in abundance, answers with a shrug, “I’d have to say unbelievable endurance”.

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