Sound/Music Guidelines

One aim of Glasschord Magazine is to create a community of contemporary artists and writers and broaden exposure of their work. All submitted work is subject to the approval of our editorial staff to ensure that we provide viewers with the most coherent collection possible.

We compile works for each issue based on a monthly theme. Below is the list of themes for 2013.

REVOLUTION – current –

1) overthrow of an established order or government by the people within it 2) the completion of a circular course around a fixed central point, as of a turntable or the moon

MACABRE – early summer 2013 –

1) grim, gruesome, deathly, horrifying 2) the allegorical dance of death

VERSUS – late summer 2013 –

1) against; in conflict with 2) as one of two choices or combatants

COMMERCE – early fall 2013 –

1) the exchange of goods, commodities or currency 2) social, intellectual, or spiritual exchange 3) sexual intercourse 4) a town in SW California, population 10,509

We invite you to submit a sample of your work for a selected theme. This can be, but is not limited to, a sound file or link to your work that you would like to include in one of Glasschord’s upcoming issues. We also urge you to write a short statement about the work to accompany your sample explaining why it is suitable for the given theme.


Please email your submission to: Please label all sound/music submissions with the subject line as follows:
 Theme/Your Name (eg: Revolution/Yellowman). All work submitted without the proper subject line will not be reviewed.


If your work is chosen for publication in Glasschord Magazine you will then receive instructions for submitting your work.


If you should have any questions please feel free to reach us at


Thank you! We look forward to reviewing your work and collaborating in the future.