Drumming Men


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In the early nineties the Drumming Men got together each and every Friday night for three years in a row. We needed to be away from the general public. We drummed outside up in the Berkshire hills regardless of the weather. We had an intention in mind and there was no small talk. We performed makeshift rituals in front of each other portraying our state of consciousness.



I considered ourselves to be the ‘wild men at the border’ unleashing emotion that we had previously denied ourselves as inappropriate. Everything was allowed at these drumming events except violent behavior.


We allowed ourselves to be seen in public only once and drummed in a street fair. After the festival was over the coordinators of the fair told us we could never come back. We were to odd and strange and we invoked reckless behavior from the youth who watch us on that day.


Sanjiban Non-Interview:

without visual editor Noah Post



Click here to watch the trailer to the 30 minute video of Drumming Men after watching the three minute video of the street fair we were in.

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