Phil Clark

Philadelphia, PA

Near the time of his graduation from Yale, Phil Clark was invited to train with a group of the world’s most elite track & field athletes. Phil had been a ranked high school athlete and a school-record holding collegiate athlete. He accepted the invitation, which marked the beginning of his pursuit to win an Olympic medal. During the fifteen following years, Phil has many times competed at national and international competitions. He has been both a university and private coach, and a self-published author of fitness books. He has either helped develop or disseminate the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans and the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. He is also an award-winning expert on the proper fitting of athletic footwear. Phil is the founder of The Training Station, which is the gym that embodies his many experiences and ideas about exercise and nutrition. Phil is training for the 2012 Olympics — his final attempt to realize the dream that started it all.

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