Peter Hoffmeister

New York, NY

My work explores the formation of histories, identities, language and other systems that map and define our realities.  Though commonly perceived as static, these systems are in a constant state of assimilation, incorporating new events and ideas.  Therefore my visual language is one of change and transformation.

Ultimately I wish to reveal these systems as composing a larger construct, or what we know as “civilization”.  My intention is for the viewer to experience my work as something that questions the very definitions all of us rely on daily, in effect creating an open dialogue.  Once something is understood as a construction, it is then possible to reconstruct.

I consider myself both a painter and a sculptor, and find that my concepts are best expressed in varying ratios of the two, ultimately becoming installations.  Some are fixed elements in a certain relationship on the wall, relating back to painting, while others come off the wall and are in the round.  I also imply three dimensionality with my cyanotype “blueprints”, which can be thought of as imagined sites, or installations that the viewer will never physically see.

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