Oliver Walker

Berlin, Germany

Oliver Walker (Liverpool, 1980) uses live art, interventions and new media to investigate social and political systems; and to find his position in and to these larger systems.

Ideas feed into his practice from everyday life, from an attempt to be politically aware and critical. He tends to take on rather ambitious subjects, such as global trade, democracy, and even love. Criticism, humor and innovation are then used to analyze and partly re-configure them; such as outsourcing the production of a written constitution for the UK to China (Mr Democracy, 2008), or using the price of an African financial index to control everyday objects in a western city in real-time (Bringing the Market Home, 2009).

Oliver Walker studied Fine Art BA(Hons) in Bristol, 2004, and Art in Context MA at the UdK Berlin (Berlin University of the Arts), 2009. He is based in Berlin,Germany and Liverpool, UK.

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