cheers to a mundane day

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do you ever
sit back
and wonder how many men
it took
to elect the first American president?

I do, sometimes.

did he simply impress
his fellow
future incumbents?

or was it a matter
of tyrannical anarchy
and the brash decision
of a madman to
overtake a throne
and live solely by the words from his
lips and nothing more?

that goes to tell you
about the failure of
a country or two.

had a wooden tooth
that’s the fact

and I’m willing to guess
he was an asshole too

growing up
there is a great chance
that his spirit
was dejected
on more occasions than not.

friends had a burning
hatred for him
auto repair mechanics
spit tobacco juice
in his glove box
and his pet cat
even thought he was a

it’s my best guess,

that he arose of out bed
one day
pajama drawers and all
splashed gritty,
well water on his
ashy cheeks
glanced tepidly at his beady
appearance in the mirror,
flossed the wild boar
from his wooden canines
and poured a
dark Columbian roast
to sharpen his instincts.

he then walked bare foot
down the south wing
and grabbed a 42 caliber rifle
off the wall, next to
his d’Orcia painting, third of its kind.

he made a quick left
and thrust the butt of the chamber
through the stained glass window
of his library

seconds later
two shots fired
as the man screamed deathly over
the Shenandoah valley


the country
is free,
the country
is tribunal,
and the country
is mine!

let Gods stay Gods
let birds make other birds
and let my voice
rule the intentions
of both parties.

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