Anno Domini Says He


Creative Commons License

of bus drivers and binge drinkers alike-
of shop lifters and second year surgeons-
in austerity and out of bounds-
between the handcuff of the heart and the solstice of the mind-
before the value of money and the trash sifter,
behind the beer drinker and the water hoarder,
of silliness and playwrights and sinking ships and con artists,
where genius thinkers look inside
and water gun crooks sit side by side-
within the pages of an intoned doctrine,
and billy’s comic book collection-
what does manifest and does not –
what has always been and what is new-
when should one embrace and when turning a deaf ear is advantageous
to the critical heart,
of sex offenders and horn dogs alike,
of politicians and political refugees as well,
where sex meets sleep,
and both exist quite well at club med-
where ambience and dissonance dance
merrily merrily merrily
and life is but a dream-
before sleep and hunger-
before thirst and denial-
beside debt and downpours-
beneath the oil canvas night sky-
and vibrating piano or guitar strings-
even before this pen and paper
came the grand inventor-
and his easy chair and bottle of scotch
somewhere or sometime.

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