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“Pixelated” is from Junk Science & Scott Thorough’s collaborative album “Phoenix Down”, which was released on May 31st on Modern Shark. The video was directed and edited by the artists, and shot by Lizzy Sullivan.



The guiding influence behind the sound and visual aesthetic for “Pixelated”, and the whole of “Phoenix Down”, came from the early Nintendo games of the artists’ childhood(s).  Snafu (of Junk Science) and Scott Thorough created original music using 8-bit synthesizers (the same tools available to the musicians who scored classic games such as “The Legend Of Zelda” and “Contra”), then layered those composition with heavy breakbeats to make the instrumental tracks. They then gave the instrumentals to Baje One (the MC half of Junk Science), who wrote and performed the lyrics for the album.


You can listen to the full project here.


In keeping with Modern Shark’s aim of finding unique ways of presenting music, Junk Science & Scott Thorough created a custom-molded USB flash drive in the shape of a “pixelated” feather which contains the album along with a host of extras. (link to drive: http://modernshark.com/junk-science-scott-thorough-phoenix-down-custom-molded-rubber-usb-flash-drive-pre-order)

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