Lindsey Graham

Pine Bush, NY

Inspired by experience, Lindsey Graham is an artist who utilizes whatever medium necessary to give life to a concept. She is an animator, performer, dancer, painter, sculptor and, mainly, a video artist. Graham first began using video as a medium while studying sculpture at SUNY Purchase (2003-2007). She believes that art has the potential to exist everywhere and can be created anywhere. This is one reason she is attracted to video. By using video as an artistic medium, Graham has the freedom to capture the world in real time and then alter it through editing. She exploits mundane experiences by manipulating the relationships between sound, video, performance and linear time. She shoots intuitively and then finds the common thread or story within the captured footage. Sometimes she plans to incorporate a performance in her work before she starts filming. These performances deal with a range of different themes and often use physical humor.

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