Kevin Zanetti

Portland, OR

My modus operandi is to allow artistry to permeate every facet of my existence, from my morning coffee to my occupations to my personal interactions. The majority of my work involves writing for the research analyst firm The Bloor Group, though I also work at Elk Cove Vineyards in Oregon’s Willamette River Valley, where I make my home. The Bloor Group is first and foremost an IT-focused firm; however, the breadth and depth of our work is more reminiscent of new media and philosophy than it is of technical or trade press production. Nestled in the fertile Willamette Valley, Elk Cove is an old guard producer of ultra-premium Pinot Noir and Alsatian white wines. As both a wine salesperson and chef, my work at Elk Cove allows me to express myself through the culinary and direct sales mediums and is integral to my artistic growth, personal happiness and identity. True to my Northeastern upbringing, my artistic process involves copious amounts of coffee, smoking, and pacing. Though I delve into satire and fiction, my work is primarily philosophic and analytic in nature. My primary goal is to lead the horse to water.

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