Nu Disco Mixx


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As an artist, I was raised on Jazz and I came up in the age of Disco and Funk. We later took these beats and twisted and layered them to build the sound that would later become the basis for hip-hop and rap – sampling old beats to make new ones.

This past spring, after our work ended up in the Library of Congress, the Grammy Museum acknowledging our group with a permanent exhibit, and getting listed for nomination to the Rock and Roll Hall of fame, I asked myself, “What’s next?” And while I haven’t quite figured out the complete answer to that question, never really want to stop asking it – actually, I decided to go back to the roots of all of this. Back to a time when the music was something I could really get behind, before the overnight mediocre sensations and the one-trick-ponys, there were the rich beats of our disco days.

This is a remix of that sound. A soundtrack to a summer.

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