Is Dialouge Possible Where Freedom Reigns


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In March of 2012, with the help of Glasschord Magazine, Kardash Onnig invited artists from all over the world to participate in an exhibition / residency program titled artistication @ BARAKA. The program ran from July through October. Baraka is located on an 11-acre parcel of wooded land in upstate New York.


The overall objective of the artistication project was to create place-responsive artworks that incorporated site, its role in community, and the use of dialogue between the artists as a critical link to a better understanding of both process and intent. The artists were asked to maintain a compelling connection to the worksite and be willing to participate in recorded, transcribed sessions designed to support each other’s individual approach to process, problem solving and intent.


Artists from Iran, Armenia, France and the United States participated in pairs, each for one month. Halfway through each residency, the local community was invited to a question and answer dialogue and at the conclusion of each residency, there was an exhibition of the works. This short video addresses the crucial question: was the project, given its original intent, successful? Is dialogue possible in a society where freedom of the individual is given the highest priority?


artistication short film by Jimi Pantalon.

3 Responses to Is Dialouge Possible Where Freedom Reigns

  1. mac says:

    Awesome. Uplifting. Right on target.

  2. mouna bassili sehnaoui says:

    Are you the same Tsolag, architect, married to Chake? We had known each other in Beirut where I worked with Chake….I woke up this morning wondering what you had become and thought of searching on facebook…if it is you, do respond!If not, sorry for the inconvenience…Mouna

    • Tsolak Abdalian says:

      Hi Mouna,it was good to here from you after so many years. Yes, definitely, I’m the same Tsolag but with “k” from now on because of the misspelling in my Lebanese passport, then copied in my Australian passport. Let me give you my details to catch up on our so long silence., phone: +61 8 9378 1573
      If you pass your details on as well, we’ll have the possibility to communicate more freely and lengthily; Chake is looking forward with impatience to have a long chat with you. Love to you Marwan and the kids,Tsolak