Janine Kalesis

Queens, New York

Janine Kalesis is a New York native whose natural ability and early influences paved the way for her culinary journey. Her soul thrives on food; the way it is grown, prepared & presented.

In 1977, she was born to first generation Greek parents. Growing up in Queens, she was always surrounded with various ethnic flavors and styles. Fascinated by food, she worked her way through the restaurant business for 10 years. Looking to take the next step, Janine redirected her creative energy and took a path less traveled.

In recent years, she have delighted clients on campaigns for print, film, television and web. Developing recipes and consulting keeps her in tune with the latest food trends. As a food stylist, Janine mixes her instinctual abilities as a visual artist, adventurous spirit and endless imagination to inspire the eye and make the mouth water.

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