Jake Palumbo is a producer, emcee, recording & mix engineer, DJ, & the proprietor of SpaceLAB Recordings – a growing independent hip-hop label based out of NYC, as well as a full service recording studio located at 251 W. 30th Street, New York, NY 10001. He released his 3rd album, Jobber To The Stars in November 2011 – a follow-up to his acclaimed 2008 sophomore LP District Selectman, also the name-sake of his “hood politician” alter-ego.

Though a resident of Brooklyn, NYC for the last 6 years, Jake Palumbo spent his formative years in the grimy, unlikely setting of Knoxville & Johnson City, TN. Growing up geographically disconnected from modern hip-hop culture was at first an obstacle, however over time it allowed him to develop an eclectic production style & humorous, unnerving rhyme persona that unintentionally attempts bridge the gap between the street & nerd-oriented audiences, just by being himself.

Perhaps the only rapper influenced by Frank Zappa & Ric Flair as much as Wu-Tang & Pete Rock (with a soft spot for low-budget “ignorant” rap) Jake Palumbo spits dense, complex verbals in his signature Southern twang that frequently blur the lines as to when he’s kidding & when he’s serious – the listener is often left laughing, head nodding, pleasantly confused. Though much more a storyteller than a battle emcee, Jake Palumbo’s love for the science of rap ensures his bars are never lazy.

With a dedicated underground following, & growing media exposure he surprisingly has no aspirations of Jay-Z or Michael Jackson status, or vying for the cover of Entertainment Weekly. “I think because of my other skills, I’m not banking on rap alone to be able to make an impact in the music business, so it lifts a weight off my shoulders to some degree; I can make the records I want to make, that sound dope to me – & stay in business selling them to an audience that actually cares, on my own terms” Palumbo told EmbassyNYC Radio 88.7 FM in June 2011.

Palumbo has traded verses alongside hip-hop heavyweights such as Royce Da 5’9”, Cappadonna of Wu-Tang Clan, Reef The Lost Cauze & more. As a producer & engineer he has pushed faders, knobs & MPC pads for Styles P, Method Man, Papoose, Fabolous, Field Mob, Emilio Rojas & more. A veteran of over 300 live shows, Mr. Palumbo has developed a small cult following for his animated behavior, nervous tick, and tendency to injure himself onstage.

SpaceLAB Recordings – which has sold over 7,000 units independently with no distribution, label assistance, or financial backing – was created out of necessity in 2003, given that hip-hop labels in Tennessee looking to sign new talent simply did not exist. Beginning with Jake Palumbo’s debut Future Dead Rapper, & a $1,000 investment, they fully embraced the DIY ethic: pressing their own albums, doing their own street promotions, & booking their own shows & tours, including 2011’s successful, coast-to-coast 4 Deep In A Honda tour, which brought home-grown indie hip-hop to 13 cities in 2 weeks – traveling literally in a 4-door Honda Accord.

SpaceLAB Recordings current roster includes Jake Palumbo, Gotham Heights, C-Zar Van Gogh, Ciphurphace, & Ollie OX. They released their first compilation / group effort – Space Camp – on January 1st, 2012, plus individual albums from each artist in 2011.

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