cover photagragh by Pelle Cass

We all have in us a desire to belong. It is a human urge, and there is nothing shameful or unnatural about it. We are social animals who depend on one another for sustenance, physical, intellectual and otherwise.

We see many in our time turn away from society in frustration. The irony of reactionary non-conformity is the momentum with which a community of like-minded individuals forms until before long (and often before we know) we are again one of a group, a larger mind, that will relieve us of the burden of further questioning and provide us the answers we once sought. At root, this manner of thinking only results in further fragmentation.


and other poems

by Robert Calero


interview with the artist

Steve Mumford

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a short story

by Sean Pravica

Inside the Perfect Circle

a new documentary about the legendary composer

Joel Thome

Selected People

interview and photographs

by Pelle Cass

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by Derek Thorne

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an essay

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by Steven Brahms



by Robert Yager

The Political Re-Education

of a Clean Cool Dude

a short story

by Scott Thomas Smith

You're Alright Kid

a short bio doc

by Michael Angelo Tumbarello and Reuben Atlas

Your Friendly Neighborhood

Grocery Store

a short story

by Chris Phillips


mixed media arts

by Jeremy Dean

Recent Beavers

synchronized swimming

by Sanjiban Sellew

Six Degrees


by Nancy Flynn

The Whatever Chairs Series


by Sandy Son


Vol. 9

Coming November 2011