cover image: still from Sanjiban Sellew's "The Fight That Never Ends"

Jackie Gleason, The Great One, started at the bottom. As a young man in the 1930s he worked the New York club circuit, performing in small venues in Brooklyn and New Jersey before finding enough success to take the long metaphorical journey across the river to Manhattan.

One night, early in his career at a small club in Newark, Jackie took to the stage and a big guy in the crowd began heckling him. This was not an uncommon occurrence in this type of venue, and Jackie was often obliged to respond with a bit of banter to placate a contentious voice in the audience before being allowed to move on with his act. This particular evening proved a bit more difficult. The heckler was so disruptive that Jackie, who was a street kid from Bed-Stuy before he was a star, called him out to the alley. The crowd followed, the two men rolled up their sleeves, and the next thing Jackie remembered was waking up in the boiler room, revived by a doctor who’d happened to be in the crowd.

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