A Letter on Shelter

For our current issue on Shelter we asked that our contributors consider both the physical and metaphysical implications of the theme. What resulted is a cross section of perspectives that has brought us from the fantastic landscapes of the imagination to the underground tunnels of Napoli, from the survival of family on the darkened streets of America to a community’s enduring faith within the flood ravaged tent-cities of Pakistan.

Luxury Soup


by Christina Shurts

After the Ages


by Kate Stewart

The Architect

by Kevin Zanetti

Absurdist Formalism

sculptural installations

by Peter Dudek

Bedford American

by Mike Figliola

Make it Home


by Cern One


In Brooklyn

a short story

by John Dove

Largo Baracche

Napoli, Italy

by Dan O'Neill

A Neurological Cocktail:

Transformation as Shelter

an essay

by Julia Chiesa

Floods in Pakistan

a photo essay

by Ayesha Shahid

Cubicles for Habitat

Mold Square Minds

an essay

by Kardash Onnig

East End Stories

a photo essay

by Eileen MacAvery Kane

Baltimore Interiors


by Andrea Ng

Paradise Tramp

and other poems

by Robert Calero

Waveforms and Other Modes of Being


by Bernard Klevickas

Seeing Signs


by Eleanna

Plain Approaches


by Todd Arsenault

Dissolving Structure


by Doug Johnston


a poem

by Brian Morris

Tumultuous Sky

mixed media

by Ward Davenny


music composition

by The Anaïs Quintet

Designs for a Nomadic Utopia

by Tomoe Matsuoka

No Gloves

a short story

by Greg Drozdek

Prayer Box


by Sanjiban Sellew


Vol: 3

Homebody Mix

Cru Jonez

Mix #1

Adam Post