How to shorten an essay


When writing essays, a student experiences various issues. Among the problems is the word count going beyond the limit or below. In the instances the word count is more; it brings about worry as one has to shorten the essay while ensuring its quality does not plummet. However, for students that find themselves in this situation, there are steps prepared by they can follow to edit an essay and make it shorter.

Firstly, one should begin by ranking the arguments in the essay. Ranking of arguments enables one to substantiate them by importance, and in doing so, eliminate the points that are weaker. Contrary, one can choose to keep all the points but reduce the details in each, thereby shortening them. Secondly, focus on the primary aspects. A student should identify the essential points in an essay and go through them, identify and remove any that do not adequately support the main point. One can easily go off point while writing an essay thus, in focusing on the key point; one can remain with relevant arguments and data.

Thirdly, a student should utilize the best verbs. Using the best verbs may sound like an obvious rule to follow, however, for some students this is a new requirement. Thus, one should learn to use the perfect verb to describe a situation or object, thereby limiting the words used to describe them. Fourthly, a student should avoid utilizing adverbs. Adverbs are words that alter the meaning of adjectives, verbs or other adverbs, for instance loudly, fortunately, and quickly among others. These words in most cases act as filler words influenced by one’s way of talking. Since they have no positive impact on an essay, a student should eliminate them.

Finally, avoid adjectives. These are words that describe nouns or pronouns. Adjectives such as big, good, great, large small and own among others, are commonly utilized in writing essays. Nevertheless, similarly to adverbs, they play a superficial role in writing, and most cases do not add any essential meaning to the sentences. Thus, a student should remove them.


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