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him discover the vaccine and actually caused the team to fracture and splinter. Salk never made a discovery that was nearly as influential again. This is one of the costs of appearing like a taker in a collaboration: slighting other people who might deserve credit. What givers tend to do in collaboration is assume that credit is not zero sum. If I give you credit for your contributions, that doesn necessarily take away from my contribution. That makes it a lot easier to keep people on board in a team over time. It means, typically, that if you a leader or a manager, people will follow you if you rotate to a different organization
NFL jerseys or a different job. That really powerful, but often harder to do. Grant: This comes out of social and cognitive psychology. The immediate thinking is, if Salk were a taker, he would be motivated to put his best foot forward. He would trumpet his accomplishments and really dismiss those of people around him. Yet, Ross and colleagues have shown consistently that these kinds of biases are

in the less privileged members of our society. I think the language issue is a very interesting one. Sometimes I go to a university, and I ask them, many of your professors speak English, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Spanish and Arabic? I think usually they find none of their professors speak that many languages. I hope that in the future, they will on Coursera. We don today and we not where we would like to be, but I think that the opportunity to translate content into lots of languages means that professors on Coursera will be able to speak English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Chinese or Arabic. And I think that having a community of learners and translating content will help, say, English speaking professors reach a lot of non English speaking learners. We definitely not where we like to be and there a lot of work to be done still, but I think the early initiations of having a translating community, of having student volunteers translating all the content, seems
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