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is also known as a thrombus. Calf Pain Pain in the calf area, especially with walking could indicate that a blood clot has developed in the leg. If you’ve been sitting for prolonged periods followed by any of the symptoms associated with DVT, get a diagnosis to rule out a blood clot that could result in dire health consequences if left untreated. Pain in the calf is notable when flexing the foot. Skin Redness and Warmth The skin in the area where the clot forms in the thigh or calf can appear red. Fever is not always present when a blood clot develops in the leg. When fever is present, it is usually less than 101 degrees F. Discoloration of the Extremity The ankle and foot area can appear pale and can be a symptom of a blood clot or DVT in the leg. The foot will appear pale in comparison to the unaffected leg. Decreased blood flow that causes
Cheap jerseys foot pallor also makes the foot feel cooler to the touch. Left untreated, a bluish discoloration and decreasing skin warmth to touch indicates that

in the community and graduated from the same elementary school as Vivian. She considers Vivian and Maria part of her family and was flabbergasted when she received the first letter from the district Nov. 12."It never occurred to me that the school district would hire a
Wholesale jerseys private investigator," Storch said. "Why wouldn’t they just come to us and talk to us about it if they had concerns?" Storch responded with a three page letter detailing how Vivian and her mother spend every weekday and night at the Orinda house, while on weekends they split time at Vivian’s grandmother’s house. Vivian has her own bedroom in the Orinda house with her clothing, toys and Bible. She even has her own bathroom where she got to pick the paint color: pink. The mother and daughter have their own shelf for food in the refrigerator and their own cupboard in the kitchen to hold the girl’s cereal, vitamins and allergy medicine. In her letter to the district, Storch explained that Vivian attends Santa

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