Emma Ishta

New York, NY

Emma Ishta was born at home in Brookfield, Brisbane, Australia. She spent the next sixteen years of her life actively encouraged by both parents and step parents to pursue her great love of music and performance, which culminated in a short stint studying jazz voice at the Conservatorium of Music in Brisbane.
However, after having spent some time in Paris as a model she returned to Brisbane with a growing sense of disenchantment, as though she were a stranger in the city of her birth. Like a gypsy child, she set off into the great, intimidating world of fashion that turned out to consist almost entirely of undernourished clothes and homes within suitcases.
After a brief sojourn in Sydney and extensive traveling throughout the world, the veil lifted and she finally found her soul home with the people of the whirlpool in New York City.
Emma would consider herself one who loves. Loves art, music, poetry and the written word, food, people, but most of all life and the small moments we so often let pass us by; a shared moment on the subway, the smell of frangipanis in the air or just the blue lips of a child indulging in too many sweets.

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