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Watercolor on Vellum, 200 x 72 inches, 2012

My DIALECTIC while drawing may seem, at first, to be static and basic, it has been the descriptive foundation of all that is revolutionary for the last century from Rodchenko’s tower, to the Double Helix, to quantum theory, and the aesthetic dialectics of the Frankfurt School. What drawing is to me is the reduction of dynamics to the page to release complexity through rational understanding. My own foundation is the idea of “the path”, a term charged with political significance. My outdoor constructions, sculptures and intricate drawings, the lines, behave as if they are self-directed both because intuition and the unconscious but also because the line of life has distinctly revolutionary permutations which I can mirror and reinterpret from life into, art. What I draw curves back on itself while thrusting forward, intersects and moves in parallel, dead ends and walks about and out. The argument of my work is that the complexity of our paths has infinite ways of being pictured and that a new perspective is always possible for my audience and me. Thus making my work is always a revolutionary challenge and its manifestation demands that the viewer always see things in a new way, if my work succeeds in its purpose.

– Charlie Finch/Emily Weiskopf

2012 , Styrofoam and wire, Varies 1' - 4' H x 14'

2012, Watercolor and Graphite on Vellum, 30 x 40 Inches,

2012 , Styrofoam and wire, Varies 1' - 4' H x 14'

2012 , Styrofoam and wire, Varies 1' - 4' H x 14'

2012, Foam, Agua Resin, Ink, 30 x 16 inches

2012, Foam, Agua Resin, Ink, 16 x 6 x3 inches

2012, Foam, Agua Resin, Fiberglass, Ink, 16 x 4 x 10 inches

2011, Gouache and Colored Pencil on Paper, 33 x 44 inches

2012, Watercolor on Vellum, 20 x 30 Inches

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  1. maria Spagnola says:

    Your eyes see what mine do not. I thank you.