New York, NY

The musical feel that Dante and the Devil’s Backbone conveys is one built upon the melding of musical styles. The band draws upon worldwide influences but only in small pieces in an effort to keep the sound from being anything other than its own. This is made possible by each member of the band’s unique musical background. Dante’s voice is different from the cookie cutter sound that drones through our commercialized modern age, and his poetic, visual lyrics provide a strong and personal sense of expression. He has toured with Ben Folds, Hal Ketchum, Guster, Something Corporate and other amazing acts across the country.

Musical inspiration comes from a wide range of artists including Mississippi John Hurt, Nirvana, Slim Harpo, Segovia, Tom Waits and Miles Davis, just to name a few. Devil’s Backbone brings together a group musicians who have created a path-breaking band with amazing sounds that are very much their own.

Their new debut album is set to release in 2011.

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