Charlie Himmelstein

Brooklyn, NY

My name is Charlie Himmelstein.

I’m a Fighter, Model, Teacher, Student, and a full time professional winner.

I have been training in boxing for around 8 years now, but only started fighting in January 2010. My first fight was the most competitive tournament in New York(The New York Golden Gloves) I won of course… I am undefeated as of now.  I am an Agency model boy, with Major Models. People always ask, doesn’t boxing conflict with your modeling career? What happens if you break your nose or have a black eye or something? There are 3 answers… 1. I’m good, a good boxer doesn’t need to get hit in the face too much. Especially at my level… 165lbs Amateur. 2. The bruises would give me character. 3. And most importantly, I value Boxing over Modeling. I wont be a pretty 21 year old guy forever, I can keep boxing close to my heart forever. It is a true talent that is not easy to earn. When I am old and falling apart, I can teach boxing. I don’t care about being rich, but if I can give back boxing to kids who might need it; I think my life would be fulfilled.

I grew up in Park slope  Brooklyn, I got a good family. I’m a really happy person, I love life and try to appreciate everyone and their way of going about it. I party a lot, too much for my own good. It leads to most of the drama in my life, but I love getting fucked up with my friends and putting the pieces of the puzzle together in the morning and making a fucking story about it.

Never say your “just” something –be proud and have no shame; it’s what you were born to do.

If you want this…
Charlie Himmelstein
100% American. 
Rock n’ Roll
Live fast die happy.

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