Beatriz Ortiz

Brooklyn, NY

Born in Spain and dedicated to the arts from a very young age, I spent all my life experimenting with many techniques and trying different media in the search of a better way to express what I feel, what I think, my vision of art and being able to share it .

In 1998, a year after finishing my studies of Fine Arts at the University of Salamanca, Spain, I moved to Brooklyn, where a new world of professional possibilities opened up. Since then I have been involved in many jobs and projects that required a deep understanding of painting techniques and high artistic and creative skills, collaborating with many artists, constantly learning and facing new challenges to achieve a final “product” mostly related to the decorative arts and mural painting. This activity gave me the possibility to develop my technique, organizational skills, and learn about the pragmatic side of making an artistic project happen.

Over two years ago I decided to spend more time on my artwork, less “practical” but more creative.

In March of 2009 I created the installation-performance: “Constelaciones en el Lisboa“ which supposed a break through. Twenty-one days of continuous painting-action became such an inspiring experience that since then I have been consistently working on a project that I name: “Constelaciones”, which has not stopped growing and branching into different subprojects that involve: painting, drawing, installation, performance, dance, music and video.

The main subject of study is point and line as independent elements and their interconnection. It is fascinating for me to experience how such basic graphic elements have endless possibilities of expression. The pieces I create work independently and at the same time can be presented connected forming an installation. Depending on the characteristics of the place where it is presented, I adapt to the shape of the space and dimensions, conditions of installation, time allowed for the process to happen, budget, etc.

I consider important certain aspects such as: visual impact, live performance of the action of painting, interaction, that visitors can observe and participate in the process of creation. Perception of time as a relative concept; the piece has a starting point that evolves in a seemingly chaotic way and progressively transforms until it finally reaches a state of stillness that at the same time presents the artwork as ephemeral. The pieces that form the installation will eventually separate and disaggregate as occurs with a sand mandala.

In addition I like to incorporate live music in the process at certain moments of the performance, and at the very end the presence of a human body integrated into the large constellation through the action of painting over the naked body.

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