Mixed Media
by WashMachine

Live audio/video manipulation of Election Day TV broadcasts by sound artist Jason Candler and experimental filmmaker Jimi Pantalon.

Glasschord Masquearde Ball

Mixed Media

Glasschord invites you to don a costume and get loose with DJ’s Bonehawk, Butcha and Jazzy Nice, with special guest appearances including Uzimon for an ignorant night of masquerade insanity.

Live Assault

by Mindscraper

This a live recording of Mindscraper live at the Northside Festival in association with The Bunker, in Brooklyn, NY, on June 15, 2012. All frequencies were built, hacked, programmed and manipulated by Spider & The Butcha (Mindscraper).

Interview With Techno Elevator Kevin Saunderson

Kevin Saunderson and Phil Moffa

Along with childhood friends Juan Atkins and Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson was part of the first wave of producers and DJs from Detroit that pioneered the techno genre that remains a global phenomenon. Sound editor Phil Moffa interviews Saunderson concerning his illustrious career and the impact of piracy in the music industry.

Pass The Mic (Butcha's Masterclass Remix)

by Butcha's Masterclass

There is no denying the Beastie Boys’ status in music history as legends. They stayed relevant and beyond in both music and culture for decades. It was with great sadness that we learned of the death of co-founding member Adam …

Letter on Incantations


Cover art by Lizzy Sullivan Our fifth issue is “Incantations”, or the music issue. We are at a point in history where a recording studio can exist in a laptop and worldwide distribution can take place within seconds of finishing …

Hi Tops

Film & Video
by Lindsey Graham for Vinyl Life

Stop animation celebrity wreckage to the sound of electro group Vinyl Life.

Wheel of Numbers Mandala Rebirth

by Phil Moffa and Joel Thome

In September of 2009, I had the honor of performing at “The Mandala Concert” at The Rubin Museum of Art in NYC. “Mandala” is sanskrit for “circle” and represents wholeness. These cosmic diagrams are not only a meditation aid, but a symbol of our connection to the infinite.