Atomic Shadow

Intermountain West, US

Atomic Shadow creates and transmits sonic sculptures from yesterday’s world of tomorrow. A variety of vintage electronics test equipment is used with modern effects units and processed ambient field recordings.


“My work is about capturing that feeling of optimism from the mid 20th Century. It was a time of great progress in technology and the arts. The sound of sine wave generators, ring modulators and tape effects powered the imagination with visions of a future where flying cars and vacations on the Moon would be possible.”


In 2011 Atomic Shadow began work on the Twelve Full Moons project.
“I had acquired two Hewlitt Packard sine wave generators and decided to make an album with them. The plan was to record a piece each month during the full Moon using the oscillators, effects and interesting sounds from the world around me. The field recordings included birds, mechanical rooms, World War Two fighter planes and hospital equipment.”


On March 1st, 2012 the Twelve Full Moons album was released on Hollow Sun records in the UK.


Since that time Atomic Shadow has kept busy filming a series of semi improvisational pieces and posting them on YouTube. Cardiovascular Medical unit being the most recent.

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