Anaïs Quintet

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The members of the Anaïs Quintet met each other during their studies at the music conservatory of Rotterdam, The Netherlands.  With their roots in Greece, Cyprus, Turkey and the Netherlands, the band members elegantly merge their respective musical and ethnic backgrounds.  The original compositions by the Anaïs Quintet can best be described as atmospherical European jazz with a hint of world music.  The special line-up of the band, consisting of violin and trumpet as melody-instruments, and piano, double bass and percussion as rhythm section, blends with the warm and intimate atmosphere of the compositions.

Anaïs Quintet-
Quirijn Vos: Trumpet
Anne Bakker: Violin
Andreas Panteli: Piano
Giorgos Galopoulos: Double Bass
Ulas Aksunger: Percussion

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